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Pursuit Placement Group, Your Canadian Recruitment Agency, strives to deliver the best in recruitment and talent attraction for its stakeholders.
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When pursuing great talent, you must distinguish your company from the rest of the market. You must be able to explain why someone should want to join your organization; why yours is a better environment than your competition.

We are Canadian Recruitment Agency experts in developing that profile of your company and, more importantly, communicating that information to candidates in the ‘language’ they are speaking. We attract people to your company, your culture and your vision.

Our goal is to become a specialist and an advocate in YOUR business. We also find the skills, experience, education and mindset you are looking for, too. That enables us to represent you in the best possible way.

We have experience across a wide range of industries and positions, and it is this fact that really sets us apart from other Canadian Recruitment Agencies.

This means that you are working with professionals who act as a business partner and as an ambassador for your business, and can address any issues or reservations that a candidate may have about your business.

We are always sourcing and networking to find the hidden talent pools of candidates that are the source of your next top-performer or problem-solver.


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